Energy Assistance

Households that received Energy Assistance last year will automatically receive an application in the mail. Households that have moved may call 1-800-944-3281 to request an application or click on the link below for a printable application and instructions.

Energy Assistance Application

The Energy Assistance Program is a federally funded program administered through the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The program provides financial assistance to help with household winter heating bills. Both homeowners and renters may apply. A household must complete the application process to determine eligibility and the amount of their utility assistance. Financial assistance payments are made directly to the household’s utility company.

Qualification and calculations for the amount of program assistance  is determined by:

  • the household income; last 3 months gross income of all household members age 18 and older
  • the number of household members
  • the amount of heat used in the home, from the heat source; 12 month consumption information if available

Verification of the last three months of household income is needed to apply. Generally, income guidelines are 50% of the State of Minnesota Median Income

EAP Maximum Income Guidelines for Fiscal Year 2015

Household Size        3 Month, Gross Income

1                               $  5,838

2                               $  7,635

     3                              $  9,431     

4                                $11,228

5                                  $13,024

6                                 $14,821

7                                 $15,157

8                                  $15,494

9                                 $15,831

10                               $16,168

11                              $16,505

12                               $16,842

13                                $17,178

14*                              $17,723

15*                              $18,840

16*                             $19,956

17*                             $23,306

20*                              $24,422

* Greater of 50% SMI or 110% Federal Poverty Guideline


The Energy Assistance Program also provides

  • Education to consumers regarding home energy efficiency and safety.
  • Automatic application to Semcac’s Weatherization Assistance Program.
  • Crisis help for utility disconnections or necessary fuel deliveries.
  • Emergency heating system repair or replacement (to owner-occupied EAP eligible households, only).

To receive assistance a household must apply for the Energy Assistance Program.  Call 1-800-944-3281 for an application, or use our Semcac Message Center.

If you have additional questions or concerns for the Department of Commerce, please visit their website,