Accepting Bids! Project: Update Wage Rates & Pay Structure

Published On: August 9th, 2023|Categories: News, Updates|

Semcac is accepting bids to update the agency’s current pay structure and wage rates.

Scope of Services:

  1. Provide for a review of 100+ jobs within the agency for the establishment of pay ranges and step progressions within the ranges.
  2. Review all current job classifications, confirm, and recommend changes.
  3. Identify potential pay compression issues and provide potential solutions.
  4. Analyze and recommend changes to the present compensation structure to meet market analysis. This recommendation may include recommendations for individual positions as well.

Semcac’s objectives:

  1. Attract and retain qualified employees;
  2. Ensure positions performing similar work with essentially the same level of complexity, responsibility, and knowledge, skills, and abilities are classified together;
  3. Provide pay ranges that reward seniority within the agency, experience outside of the agency, and individuals who exceed performance expectations;
  4. Provide justifiable pay differential between individual classes; and
  5. Maintain a competitive position with other comparable employers within the same geographic areas.

Contact Jeff Rogness, Director of Human Resources, at (507) 864-8210 or for information on submitting a bid.

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