As a Community Action Agency, Semcac has a unique governing body. The Semcac Board of Directors is required by federal law to have representation from three sectors: 1/3 represent consumers; 1/3 represent public officials; and 1/3 represent private community organizations.  Each of Semcac’s seven primary service area counties, including Dodge, Fillmore, Freeborn, Houston, Mower, Steele and Winona is allowed three representatives, one from each of these sectors: consumer representatives, private sector representatives, and public officials.

Persons interested in serving on the Semcac Board of Directors may request more information by contacting Doug Grout at (507) 864-7741 or

Interested in Joining the Board of Directors?

Consumer members needed! We are currently Seeking a Consumer Member for Houston County. Apply online today, or contact Semcac at (507) 864-7741 for a paper application.

Board Member Job Description
Current Board of Directors Members
Greg Peterson Dodge County, Consumer Representative
Tim Tjosaas Dodge County, Public Official – Exec. Committee
Neil Witzel President; Dodge County, Private Sector
Ruth Fallon Treasurer; Fillmore County, Consumer Representative
Randy Dahl Fillmore County, Public Official
Karen Johnson Fillmore County, Private Sector
Patricia Coleman Freeborn County, Consumer Representative
Brad Edwin Freeborn County, Public Official
Lenore Fries Vice President; Freeborn County, Private Sector
Bob Burns Houston County, Public Official
Open Houston County, Consumer Representative
Larry Connery Houston County, Private Sector
Tina Bell Mower County, Consumer Representative – Exec. Committee
Polly Glynn Mower County, Public Official
Janice Ball Secretary; Mower County, Private Sector
Janice Schultz Steele County, Consumer Representative
Rick Gnemi Steele County, Public Official
Rick Wittrock Steele County, Private Sector – Exec. Committee
Brenda Boettcher Winona County, Consumer Representative
Chris Meyer Winona County, Public Official
Joe Hoffman Winona County, Private Sector
Brian Lipford Attorney Liaison
Chrissa Mueller Head Start Liaison

Board members determine goals and set policies for the private, non-profit corporation. Board members are reimbursed for mileage to and from meetings and for child care during board meetings.