We appreciate your interest in serving on Semcac’s Board of Directors. We are seeking dynamic, diverse individuals with a passion for Semcac’s mission. Please complete the following online application form. You will receive additional information and communication from us after you have completed the online form.

In order to qualify as a potential client/consumer board member, you must live in the county you represent, be age 18 years or older, and meet the income guidelines that are used for our Energy Assistance Program. View the income guidelines here: Energy Assistance, LIHEAP Application, Utility Assistance.

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  • To be eligible for election, you must fall within the Consumer Member Income Guidelines and consent below. The Income Guidelines are the same as those of the Semcac Energy Assistance Program client guidelines. These are posted on our website and are updated annually. View the Guidelines here.
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  • Voluntary Information The following questions are OPTIONAL. Semcac does not discriminate against any identifying factor or group. Being representative and inclusive of the population identified by Semcac's mission is important to us. "Nonprofits are stronger when they include a variety of experiences, perspectives, and skills; and utilize practices that nurture creativity and equity." - Charities Review Council, www.smartgivers.org
    Semcac strives to use personal pronouns that are the preference of each individual.
    (Disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, includes someone who has a physical or mental impairment that limits "major life activities", or is regarded as having such an impairment - OR - Disability as defined by the Social Security Administration disability benefits which prevents working.)
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