Birth Control & Services – State Programs

MFPP (Minnesota Family Planning Program) & Wisconsin Family Planning Only Services program (WFPOS) are healthcare programs that covers family planning services and related supplies (i.e. birth control refills). If you live paycheck to paycheck, don’t have a job, or are a student, chances are high that you could receive family planning services at no cost to you! Our staff can assist you with applying to either of these programs during your visit.

Services include:
  • Annual exam (pelvic, pap smear, blood pressure and other vital signs)
  • Testing and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) during exam
  • Birth Control
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Family Planning Education
You may qualify if you are:
  • U.S. citizen (or non-U.S. citizen eligible to participate in federally funded programs)
  • Not pregnant
  • Not enrolled in another state funded
  • Earn no more than the weekly income
    limits (depending on family size)
  • Private health insurance does not affect your eligibility.
To enroll:
  • Bring proof of your income: pay-stubs within the last 30 days or a letter from your employer verifying weekly wages.
  • Bring proof of citizenship: copy of your birth certificate or passport AND a photo ID such as a driver’s license or student photo ID. Immigration documents are accepted in place of a birth certificate.

Contraceptive Methods

There are many options when it comes to contraception, and you will likely find one that fits your lifestyle. Check out Association of Reproductive Health Professionals to compare methods.

Hormonal Methods

Many costs are fully covered!


First, you will need to make an appointment to be seen by the clinician. She’ll get to know you by asking questions about your health and then will perform an exam. She’ll help you in deciding what method will be the best for you. You’ll need to return for an exam every year to be sure the method is still working for you.

(In some cases, the “exam” may include listening to the patient’s heart and lungs, only. This depends upon the patient’s age along with some other factors.)

All fees are based on your income and how many people that income supports.  Semcac also encourages making small payments if you cannot afford to pay in full.  But, chances are favorable that you’ll qualify for a program that may pay for your exam and birth control method.

Minnesota State Statute allows minors to receive family planning services without parental consent. Just like any other medical facility, confidentiality is priority.

Call the clinic to tell us you need a refill. We will transfer you to the refill line and have the prescription filled within the next 24 hours.

Multiple birth control methods are available at the Semcac Clinic. Meeting with the clinician will help you decide which method will work the best for you.

Give the method (pill, patch, ring, etc.) a few months for your body to get used to it. If it’s still not working for you after a few months, call us to set up an appointment to change to a more suitable method.

Yes. The presence of blood does not change the results of any tests performed, however if the patient is uncomfortable with an exam during a period, that part can always be done at a later time.